Temp Homes

Temp home volunteers care for our puppy or adult dog in their home for varying periods. Temporary (temp) homes, provide a puppy/dog-safe and friendly home with a loving environment where a puppy will learn, or an adult dog will maintain, housebreaking, obedience, excellent house manners, and socialization. Veterinary care, dog food and supplies are provided by the Foundation.

Hours of Volunteering: Temp volunteers care for our puppy/adult dog for an agreed upon time period for approximately 2-3 weeks. It could be longer or shorter depending on needs. Volunteers only respond to the requests that meet their schedule.

Requirements: (1) Approved fenced yard/free-running area and puppy/dog-safe home (2) Attend Temp Orientation class-online (3) Attend Leash Handling Class (4) Participate in Virtual Home Check or in-person when there are pet dogs (5) Access to PC/smart phone/iPad and comfortable emailing, texting, attending virtual classes.

Additional Requirements:

  • Be approved by the program staff for the above requirements.
  • Comfortable with large breed dogs and use of dog crate.
  • Ability to follow instruction, pay attention to detail, work independently in a structured environment.
  • Physically capable of bending and standing for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time, lifting and carrying 20 lbs., and safely leash-walking a puppy and an adult dog.
  • Provide an environment free of dogs that may have a history of aggression. Always provide direct supervision when the puppy/dog is with your other dogs and children.
  • Temp dogs should not interact with any other dogs.
  • Provide a safe, enclosed area for daily free running, play, and exercise. Dog is never to be left unattended in the yard.
  • Provide a hard, dry surface for dog to regularly relieve themselves.
  • Feed the dog only the provided dog food, no people food, maintain a healthy weight and brush daily.
  • Keep the puppy/dog healthy. When asked, administer provided heartworm prevention, flea control, and any additional medications provided by the Foundation. 
  • Report any behavioral, physical or health-related issues to staff contact.

The above list of requirements is not inclusive. Volunteers are required to follow all additional instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures given by Guide Dog Foundation staff in written documents and other means. This includes all training, care, and management techniques

Questions? Contact us at Volunteer@GuideDog.org.

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