Newsletters and Brochures

The Guide Dog Foundation is proud to offer newsletters and brochures about our programs and services.  

Print copies are available from the Foundation office and they also can be viewed here online.

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The Guideway

The Guideway is the Guide Dog Foundation’s official newsletter for graduates, donors, volunteers, staff, and friends.  Sign up to receive your newsletter by clicking here
Gyuideway image from 2006 edition.

Guideway Library
If you would like to read back issues of The Guideway, click on each link to download the issue in PDF format. Older issues are available by request.

If you are interested in receiving an audio version, please contact the Consumer Services team at 631-930-9070.

December 2023, Vol. 77, No. 3
September 2023, Vol. 77. No. 2
May 2023, Vol. 77, No. 1

December 2022, Vol. 76, No. 3
September 2022, Vol. 76, No. 2
April 2022, Vol. 76, No. 1


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Winter   PDF   Text Only
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Fall            PDF  Text and Audio Coming Soon.
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Our Puppy Raising brochure provides additional details about being a full-time, part-time (co-raiser), temp home, and weekend volunteer puppy raiser. Click on the image below to open a PDF of this brochure. Download the text only version. 

A yellow lab pup on the cover of our puppy brochure.