A black Lab in a puppy vest is excited to be outside.

Co-Raise a Puppy

If you would love to raise a puppy to become an assistance dog but don’t think you can commit to being a full-time puppy raiser – we have another option - You can co-raise!

Co-raising is when two families in the same geographical area share responsibilities for raising a puppy.  You decide what works best for you, whether you alternate weeks, days, nights.  We can help you find another family that will match your schedule, or you can let us know if you have a close friend or family member who will work with you.   

The requirement is that you both have the same puppy advisor, the person who is your contact here at the Foundation to answer all things puppy! You would coordinate with them to work out the logistics of transporting the dog back and forth to each home. 

Co-raising is a win-win for all involved: It gives the dog more exposure to new people, areas, and situations, and it allows people with time restrictions to help change the life of someone with disabilities. 

We have had great success with co-raising, because it has proven extremely flexible for everyone involved.  Our own puppy program manager has co-raised puppies when she was in college, and she found it was a great way to integrate a busy school schedule with puppy raising. 

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