Litter Host

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a litter of future guide or service dog puppies born and raised in your home? Can you commit to 6 weeks of care to a litter of puppies and their mom? Do you live within a one-hour drive of the Foundation? If so, please consider volunteering to be a litter host for the Guide Dog Foundation.  

An experienced staff member will support you throughout the process, and they are available to answer questions at any time. We provide all necessary supplies and training. Hosting a litter can be a lot of work, but it is a very rewarding and exciting experience for a family. 

Hours of Volunteering: Total duration of hosting a litter & their dam is 5-6 weeks. Amount of hands-on time varies as the pups mature. A responsible adult does need to be home a majority of the time during the 1st week, and the time alone can increase as the puppies mature. 

Requirements: The ability to keep mom & puppies separate from other dogs in the household for at least 2 weeks. The ability to limit human visitors to the home for the first 3 weeks after the puppies are home. All dogs in the home will be on “home quarantine” while the litter is in the home- this means no walks, dog parks, or grooming/vet visits that aren’t emergencies.  Allowing a GDF staff member to your home for mutually agreed upon weekly visits to monitor the progress of moms & puppies. Flexibility to go with the flow. 
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