Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

Keeping a clean house and healthy pets simultaneously is possible, as long as you as a pet owner are aware of the products you're using and where your pets are when you’re using chemicals.  The most important thing to remember is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any chemical in your home and around your pets. We’re sharing a few more tips to help you keep cats and dogs safe around the house.  

Make sure pets are out of the room to prevent them inhaling mist from anything you’re spraying. Chemicals like bleach are harmful for people to breathe, so obviously pets need to be well out of reach of the fumes if you’re cleaning with these. If possible, open a window so some of the fumes can escape. Make sure all surfaces are rinsed completely and the heavy odors are gone before allowing pets back into the space. Ingesting bleach can cause your pet to have upset stomach, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe burns. Be sure to change your clothes and clean your hands thoroughly to reduce any transfer to your pet’s fur or skin.  

Many people choose to use natural cleaning products, but still need to exercise caution around pets. Ingredients considered natural, including essential oils, can be highly toxic to animals. Even products labeled “pet safe” should be used with care. Always err on the side of caution when using any chemical substance in your home and areas where pets will be.  

Here are 4 household staples you can feel good about cleaning with: 

Both white and apple cider vinegar contain acetic acid, effective in killing bacteria and microbes. They also have anti-fungal properties that can help break down mold, are edible, and are non-toxic to humans and pets. Don’t love the smell? Understandable. Your pup likely won’t either, but the strong scent fades once it dries. 

Baking Soda 
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is great for neutralizing odors. It’s also mildly abrasive, which makes It safe to use as a scrub for sinks and countertops. When combined with vinegar, the chemical reaction actually makes it an effective way to cut grease and unclog drains.  

Lemon Juice  
Lemon juice has similar properties to vinegar, in a milder form. Combined with vinegar, effectiveness at cleaning lime and calcium deposits and soap scum is intensified. Did you know using lemon is also a great way to remove coffee and tea stains?  

Hydrogen Peroxide  
Hydrogen peroxide is actually a mild, oxygen-based bleach with antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. This household regular is effective at removing tough stains, killing mold, and even breaking down the odor-causing compounds in pet urine.  

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