Graduate Stories

Collage of grads with their guide dogs.Guide Dog Foundation students come from all backgrounds and geographical locations.  

Our program students are blind, physically disabled or face physiological impairments.  However, they all share one common goal: to live without boundaries.  The stories below are about the people who have broken down their barriers by making the decision to use an assistance dog to enhance their independence and mobility.  

You have our permission to reproduce and share these materials. Help us raise awareness for our programs by using this information wherever possible. 

For more information and additional story angles please contact: Allison Storck, Public Relations Manager  631-930-9059

We are happy to answer questions, send out media kits, set up interviews, and arrange photo and video shoots.

John and Edgar

Meet John and his new guide dog Edgar.

GDF Graduate Lucia
Hear about Lucia's experience getting her guide dog and going through our two-week training program.

GDF Graduate Angelina
Hear Angelina speak about her experience training with her first guide dog. 

Jamie and Frenchie
Learn more about Jamie and how she relies on Frenchie to provide her increased mobility and greater independence.

Tamara Bergstrom
We’re excited to share the story of Tamara Bergstrom, a U.S. Air Force veteran who came to the Guide Dog Foundation for her first guide dog.

Sonja Gunn
Sonja, a Foundation graduate, talks about her guide dog training experience while on campus during a recent class.

Sandy Alexander
Wichita Kansas-native, Sanford (Sandy) Alexander was born legally blind and has used a guide dog for over 47 years.  Now, working with his ninth guide dog, Sandy speaks about his experiences during in the two-week training program. 

Sheila Lee

Meet Sheila Lee and her new guide dog.

William and Regal

Meet William and his new guide dog Regal.

Guide Dog Program Graduate Jean

Meet guide dog program graduate, and line dancing and laughter yoga instructor Jean.

Marvel Make me a Hero - Matt & Chris

Matt and Chris
Guide Dog Foundation program graduate Matt Sherwood speaks about his experience getting his first guide dog, Chris.

Joseph Vrbas
Learn more about Joseph and his journey to taking on the new guide dog lifestyle. 

Carolyn Ruiz
Guide Dog Foundation program graduate Carolyn Ruiz talks about her experience getting her new guide dog. Carolyn spent two weeks with us learning how to work with her new guide. 

Bob Shoemaker
Air Force veteran and recent guide dog program graduate Bob Shoemaker shares his story about making the decision to get a guide dog.