Puppy Raiser Requirements:

Our puppy raisers have an undeniable love, passion, and kindness that they each share. It is an experience like no other and, while it requires work on the raiser’s part, our raisers are left with a priceless feeling of the good they’re contributing to the world.

  • Undergo a home (virtual) visit by a staff member.
  • Comfortable with large breed dogs.
  • Ability to follow instruction, pay attention to detail, work independently in a structured environment and, at other times, work with others in a group setting.
  • Physically capable of bending and standing for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time, lifting and carrying 20 lbs, and safely leash-walking a puppy and an adult dog.
  • Raise the puppy inside as a house dog.
  • Provide an environment free of dogs that may have a history of aggression. Always provide direct supervision when the puppy is with other dogs.
  • Provide a safe, enclosed area for free running, play, and exercise. 
  • Provide a hard, dry surface for your puppy to regularly relieve themselves.
  • Provide appropriate food, maintain a healthy weight and attend to grooming as directed.
  • Keep the puppy healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Administer heartworm prevention, flea control, and any additional medications provided by the Guide Dog Foundation for your puppy.
  • Report any behavioral, physical or health related issues to your area coordinator or advisor.
  • Attend and participate in required monthly classes, meetings, and outings.
  • Communicate openly and promptly with your advisor or area coordinator. Complete required reports and any other data as needed in a timely manner.

Puppy raisers and volunteers are required to follow all additional instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures given by Guide Dog Foundation staff in written documents and other means. This includes all training, care, and management techniques.