January 2019 - 4PawedCast Episode 8 -Meet president & CEO John Miller

January, 2019 finds the 4Pawed Cast keeping up a tradition at the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs. We speak with President and CEO John Miller about his first ten months with us. Learn about John’s background and the serendipitous circumstances that brought him to his current position. John takes us through the whirlwind of activity that makes up what we do here. 
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October 2018 - 4PawedCast Episode 7 - Emergency Preparedness

In this edition of the 4Pawed Cast we help you stay prepared for any emergency. Matt Puvogel, Community Engagement Coordinator for New York City emergency Management Services, talks about community resources and what to do if you are visiting the Big Apple during an emergency. Rachel Tanenhaus, ADA Coordinator, Cambridge, Massachusetts, explains our rights with our assistance dogs during and after emergencies. Finally we tell you how to make a personal emergency plan and how we can help.   
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May 2018 - 4PawedCast Episode 6 - Leash guiding

One of the techniques we offer as a part of our training program is “leash guiding,” in which a guide dog handler relies on their dog’s leash, not the harness, to help them navigate short distances. 
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February 2018 - 4PawedCast Episode 5 - Vaccination discussion

In episode 5 we learn about vaccinations with Chief Canine Care Officer, Grete Eide. Which vaccinations does your dog need and when? Why are they important? 
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December 2017 - 4PawedCast Episode 4 - Interview w/ CEO Wells Jones

In this very special episode, we talk with CEO, Wells Jones as he prepares to embark on a new journey in his career.  We also have special holiday greetings from our staff. 
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October 2017 - 4PawedCast Episode 3 - Working through distractions

In this episode we're a little distracted. GDF's on-line lectures can help though. We'll go over how to tell when your dog is distracted and what to do about it. 
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September 2017 - 4PawedCast Episode 2 - Retiring your service dog

You’ve made the decision to retire your service dog. Now what happens? Has training changed since you were on class? Join us as we talk with Kent Phyfe, AVD grad, about his experiences with retirement and retraining. We also give you some valuable information about the application process. 
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August 2017 - Traveling with Your Assistance Dog 

In this article we cover some of the lesser-known aspects of travel with an assistance dog. Read Here 

July 2017 - 4PawedCast Episode 1 - Controlling your dog's weight

In this edition of the 4-PawedCast we discuss a "weighty" topic, weight control for your assistance dog.  Today we're going to be talking about weight control with two very special people here at the Guide Dog Foundation and America's VetDogs.
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April 2017 Graduate Update

Many of our graduates recently took part in a survey to find out how we can better communicate to them. Grete Eide, Director of Canine Care, joins us on this call to talk about the results of the survey and some ways we will be putting out news and information to our graduates in future.
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January 2017 Graduate Update

Charlie, the Puppy with a Purpose - In August, 2016 NBC's TODAY chose Charlie from America's VetDogs as their Puppy with a Purpose. We start 2017 learning all about Charlie's adventures with Olivia Poff, his raiser, and Andrew Rubenstein our Director of Marketing.
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