Dog emergency Procedures

If you experience a medical emergency with your dog, or if your dog escapes from your property and you cannot locate it, please follow these procedures. 

Medical Emergency: 

*Take your dog to your local emergency veterinary facility as soon as possible. 
* Please call us at 1-800-548-4337. Let the operator know your situation is an emergency or choose the emergency prompt if calling after hours. 
*When leaving a message, please describe the medical situation in detail. 
*Give us all of your contact information, including secondary phone numbers, and the name and number of the emergency or other veterinary facility caring for the dog. 
*If calling after hours or on a weekend or holiday, choosing the emergency prompt will trigger a staff person to call you back within 10 minutes. 

Missing Dog: 

*Contact your local law enforcement agency immediately with a description of your dog.
*Contact us at 1-800-548-4337 and let the operator know that your dog is missing. 
*If contacting us after hours or on a weekend or holiday, choose the emergency prompt. 
Be sure to give us all contact information for you and the local law enforcement agency.