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Access Laws for Guide Dog Users: U.S. Territories and Bermuda

Puerto Rico
United States Virgin Islands

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Statutes; Laws of Puerto Rico Annotated, Title B, Chapter 13, Sections 201 through 204, last amended in 1979

Puerto Rico guarantees a blind person the legal right to be accompanied by a specially trained dog guide in harness in all public accommodations and on all public transportation. No extra charge can be levied because of the dog guide's presence. A dog guide user can be requested to present for inspection the identification card provided by a dog guide school, as well as a health certificate issued by a veterinarian within the past 12 months.

Public accommodations include hotels, inns, cafeterias, elevators, bathing resorts, places of amusement, and all other places and facilities to which the public is invited. (Sect. 201, Sect. 204)

Public transportation includes trains, buses, ferries, taxis, and all other modes of conveyance offered for public use. (Sect. 201, Sect. 204)

Violation: Any person who interferes with the above-enumerated rights is guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not to exceed $100, or 30 days in jail. If force or violence is used to deny a dog guide user the rights enumerated-above, the offending person will be guilty of aggravated assault and may be fined up to $500, and imprisoned up to six months, or both. (Sect. 203)

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