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Access Laws for Guide Dog Users: U.S. Territories and Bermuda

Puerto Rico
United States Virgin Islands


Guam Code Annotated, Title 19, Chapter 2, Sections 2115, 2116; Title 10, Chapter 34, Section 34104; Title 22, Chapter 5, Section 5202

Guam guarantees that every totally or partially blind person shall have the right to be accompanied by a specially trained guide dog in any public accommodation and on any public transportation without being required to pay an extra fee. The dog guide user however will be liable for any damage caused by the dog guide.

A totally or partially blind person has the right to equal access to accommodations, modes of transportation and housing accommodations, that do not include single rental or lease family residences of no more than one room. (Sect. 2115)

Seeing eye dogs are exempt from paying licensing fees. (Sect. 34104)

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