A Puppy Home Socializer will provide a temporary home for for 6 ½ week old pups as we transition them from the nursery to a new and exciting environment.      

black lab pup in vest sitting in the grass.The primary role of the Puppy Home Socializer will encompass fostering a healthy, positive and enriching experience while introducing new cues for learning their name, shaping a busy routine, and positive crate association. These will be the fundamentals of learning and development as they have their first steps out of the nursery. Emphasis on creating a positive and fun environment while pups are learning to become independent is central to their success moving forward. 

For families with children who may need volunteer community service hours, this may be the perfect endeavor during those school breaks! 

Puppy Home Socializers must be located on Long Island. If you have additional questions, please email Puppy Home Socialization Coordinator, Sharon Lenardi, at sharon@guidedog.org.

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