Social Media Photo and Caption Guidelines

Below are guidelines and pointers for posting pictures, videos, and captions on social media. Remember, during your time as a puppy raiser, you are an ambassador for the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs to the public. Please follow these guidelines when posting on social media.
  • If you have created a social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) for the pup you are raising, please notify the following people:
  • Do tag @guidedogfoundation and @americasvetdogs
  • Do post photos or video that show your puppy socializing, playing, having fun, and learning!
  • Do post photos or video in appropriate places like the home, safe public outings, and public transportation
  • Do share your progress or success!
  • Do use captions that describe what you’re doing in the photo! For example, “Today Rudy and I worked on self-control at the pet store! We walked by different animals and all the food aisles. Rudy was a little sniffy at first, but he did great!”
  • Do Not show a young puppy off leash or not attached to a person in a public place. If the dog has a reliable stay and you are in an enclosed area, you can speak to your advisor or area coordinator regarding having the dog unattached in public for photo opportunities.
  • Do Not post any captions that relay frustration or negativity like “Sam was TERRIBLE today. She barked at people, chewed on her leash, and was so bad!”
  • Do Not post any photos or video relating to medical or health related issues
  • Do Not post photos or video with the pup chewing or playing with an inappropriate toy or item
  • Do Not post photos or video with the pup on any type of furniture
  • Do Not post photos or video with the pup eating inappropriate treats
  • Do Not post photos or video of the pup doing anything inappropriate like jumping on people, mouthing someone, barking

    Here are some examples of great photos shared on social media