2021 Marks a Special Year for the Guide Dog Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce the Guide Dog Foundation has joined forces with animal focused digital platform ‘The Dodo’ to help co-raise a future guide dog to help celebrate our 75th Anniversary. Weekly pup-dates will be featured on The Dodo’s Facebook page (41 Million Followers) will chronical Vito, a yellow Labrador/golden cross’ puppy raising journey. Vito was named after the Guide Dog Foundation's first guide dog client Vito Vero who was matched with his firs guide dog Ingy in 1946.

You can follow Vito's adventures on his Instagram page or on The Dodo's Vito Facebook page.

Meet Vito

Vito cheesin' for the camera.Hello Dodo world!  I'm Vito, the Dodo pup.

Hello Dodo friends!  The name’s Vito and I’m beyond pumped to share my journey to becoming a confident future guide dog with you all. Over the next 15 months I’ll be learning tons of cool new things that’ll help me be a successful guide dog to someone blind or visually impaired. My go to treat is for sure peanut butter and on a hot day I can’t resist a puppy ice cream! You’ll typically find me cruising down the boardwalk, grabbing grub at Maureen’s kitchen or kicking back Down Port.

You won’t wanna miss my weekly lives with The Dodo where I show off my new skills and go on awesome adventures! For daily content filled with endless cuteness be sure to check me out on the Gram.

See you soon!

Meet Taylor

Taylor holding and snuggling with Vito.Meet Puppy Raiser Taylor Foster

Taylor Foster is born and raised on Long Island, New York. She attended Stony Brook University on Long Island where she raised two guide dogs for the Guide Dog Foundation. 

Taylor always had a passion for animals and lending a hand to those around her. She grew up volunteering at animal shelters and knew her future wouldn’t be complete without animals by her side. When Taylor’s grandmother became legally blind, she saw how deeply it changed her once independent lifestyle and confidence. Knowing what her grandmother had gone through, when she learned about the Foundation she was eager to get involved. 

Taylor began volunteering with the Guide Dog Foundation when she turned 18 and has since raised two guide dogs. She is currently raising her third, Vito. Vito is a Labrador/Golden cross that Taylor is ecstatic to raise and train. "He is such a sweet, handsome and brilliant boy who truly loves learning," says Taylor.  "I'm so happy to not only be apart of Vito’s journey to becoming a well mannered guide dog, but to also be able share it with the world is very exciting." Taylor wants to show all the love, fun and dedication that goes into raising a guide dog. Be sure to follow along!