Volunteer Services Support - Part Time – 15 hours per week

The part time Volunteer Services Support position reports to the Volunteer Services Manager and is responsible for initiating and returning phone calls reviews online applications, schedules and trains volunteers in a positive and welcoming way.  In addition, they will provide clerical support to the Puppy and Canine Departments and complete other projects and tasks as assigned by the Volunteer Services Manager and Chief Canine Care Officer. 


● -Minimum of 2 years of college preferred
● -Excellent interpersonal skills; able to relate to people of widely diverse backgrounds.
● -Ability to be an informed and articulate spokesperson for GDF.
●-Computer competence, including use of Excel, Microsoft Outlook and our iMIS database. 
●-Ability to work independently.
●-Ability to organize work effectively and work independently; friendly disposition.  
●-Effective team player.
●-Desire to continue professional development to improve skills and enhance performance. 

How To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Samantha@Guidedog.org.