Halloween Care TipsBlack lab dress as Darth Vader

  • Don’t leave your pet out in the yard on Halloween: there are too many risks for their safety. 

  • Halloween candies are not for pets: chocolate is poisonous to many animals, and tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed.

  • Be careful of pets around candle-lit pumpkins: animal could knock into them and cause a fire, or run the risk of getting burned.

  • Don’t dress your animal in costume unless you somehow know they love it. Costumes can put a lot of stress on animals.

  • If you do dress up your animal, make sure the costume isn’t constricting, annoying or unsafe.

  • Be careful not to obstruct their vision; even the sweetest animals can get anxious when they can’t see what’s going on around them.

  • All but the most social dogs should be kept in a separate room during trick-or-treat hours; too many strangers in strange garb can be scary for a dog.

  • Be careful your animal doesn’t dart out through an open door.

Holiday Season CareA golden pup laying next to wrapped holiday gifts.

  • Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are pet poisons!  Make sure they are kept in places your dog cannot reach. 

  • Remove holiday lights from lower branches of your tree.  They could get hot or the dog may become entangled.

  • Watch out for electrical cords.  Pets may chew them and may get badly shocked or electrocuted.  Place wires out of reach.

  • Be careful using glass ornaments.  They break easily and may cut a dog's feet and mouth.

  • Commercial ornaments may contain paint or toxins in the preservatives - make sure your dog does not attempt to eat them.

  • Whether your tree is live or artificial, both kinds of needles are sharp and indigestible. 

  • Tinsel is dangerous for dogs.  It may obstruct circulation and, if swallowed, block the intestines.

  • Macadamia nuts as well as other nuts including almonds, pecans, and walnuts are toxic for your dog. 
  • Alcohol and chocolate are toxic for dogs, even in small amounts.  Keep unhealthy, sweet treats and seasonal goodies out of reach.

  • With some extra care and vigilance, you and your dog will enjoy a worry-free winter.