Frolic is an innovative and fun experience that provides educational opportunities for kids by collaborating with dogs. Frolic wants its community to develop important life skills in a creative, hands-on, and inspirational environment while simultaneously teaching how to harness these skills to contribute to the welfare of animals. Our focus skills for development are Empathy, Compassion, Responsibility, and Advocacy.
This fall, in association with Guide Dog Foundation, we will be hosting the first ever after school puppy raising program in which kids will be helping to prepare a puppy to become a future guide or service dog. One way you can support the Guide Dog Foundation and its mission, and help us prepare for this exciting experience, is to donate what you can to help us name the incredible puppy we will be working with for the next 14 - 16 months.
Watch our video and learn more about reserving your spot here

Notes on Puppy Raiser Program:

Frolic will be hosting different age groups, meeting once a week, on different days of the week for a 14-16 month period. At the conclusion of this time frame, the dog will return to the Guide Dog Foundation for formal training and will eventually be placed with someone in need (i.e. blind, wounded veteran, etc.). For more details, availability, and to join our wait list visit or call 212-401-3015.

About the Guide Dog Foundation

Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation has trained guide and service dogs that transform the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired – helping them to live without boundaries.  A guide dog is trained to find and follow a clear path, maneuver around obstacles and stop at curbs. With a guide dog by their side, people who are blind or visually impaired gain renewed independence and enhanced mobility.  The cost to breed, raise, train and place one guide dog is over $50,000.  All services are FREE to the recipient. The Guide Foundation relies on contributions from generous individuals, corporations, service clubs, foundations and community fundraising events.  

The Guide Dog Foundation was the first assistance dog program in the United States to be accredited by both the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.  This dual accreditation sets the Foundation apart from all other assistance dog organizations as they are able to meet each recipient’s specific needs by custom training and providing assistance dogs across ALL disabilities.   

To learn more about the Guide Dog Foundation and its services and programs, visit  

Information about the Puppy Sponsorship Opportunity

Puppy sponsors have the opportunity to name a puppy that will be raised by a puppy raiser family. A puppy sponsor receives a photo and certificate of the puppy once it’s been assigned a name. The sponsor receives periodic updates on how the puppy is progressing in the program and will be invited to "Celebration Sunday" should the dog be scheduled to graduate from the program. This contribution is $6,000 and helps to cover a portion of the costs associated with breeding, puppy raising, and veterinary care. A dog sponsor will be listed in our annual report. We cannot offer a replacement for any puppies that are “career changed” out of the program. Medical and/or behavioral issues can prevent a dog from graduating on class. To learn more, download the Puppy Sponsorship brochure and application.