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Guide Dog Training Program 

The hallmark of the Guide Dog Foundation is its meticulous matching program to ensure that each applicant is teamed with the guide dog that best suits that person’s personality, lifestyle, and physical needs. The accredited two-week guide dog training program offers a 2:1 student/instructor ratio and focuses on incorporating a blend of customized training formats to meet the specific lifestyles and needs of students while maximizing the training time in class for students and their dogs as they prepare for real-world situations. 

Students in class will also participate in lectures on grooming and care for their dog, obedience practice, accessibility awareness and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and guide dog etiquette for non-guide dog users.

A guide team on a practice walk in Port Jefferson

Upon completion of training, the newly created human and guide dog team returns home to start their new life together. They will have begun to master all of the techniques they need to be successful—from finding the checkout counter at a store, to maneuvering through a crowded train station, to passing through a revolving door. The team can travel confidently and independently on suburban routes or city streets, during the day or at night, alone or in rush hour.


 Collage of guide dog team-in-training photos.

After training with a guide dog from the Guide Dog Foundation, students are eligible for a lifetime of aftercare.  Should they require follow-up training, our staff will arrange to work with them on any questions or concerns they might have in a prompt and professional manner, which may include a visit to their home.   

To make the students’ stay as comfortable as possible, the on-campus Student Resident Hall offers single rooms with private baths and individual climate control; all rooms have private telephone lines and an Ethernet connection; there is also free Wi-Fi. The Student Union features a spacious dining room, comfortable lobby, snack room, smokers’ room, recreation room with new entertainment center, exercise and grooming room, computer lab (with adaptive technology for student use), and an outdoor patio.    

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