Testing Time for Charlie

Charlie and Olivia are working well together and it's time for them to showcase the basic commands that he has learned so far for his basic obedience evaluation.  

  • At this point in his training Charlie is walking nicely with Olivia on both her left and right sides, giving her eye contact as he moves.  
  • He sits when Olivia tells him to and stays sitting while there are distractions nearby, such as toys or food.  
  • Charlie lies down when she tells him to, staying when people call out to him or when there are dogs nearby.  
  • Charlie enthusiastically comes when called and will sit patiently for what Olivia is going to teach him next.  

Charlie has plenty more to learn on his journey to becoming a service dog but for now he's successfully passed his Basic Obedience Test.  Well done, Charlie and Olivia!  See you next time!

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