Guide Dog Foundation

How to Help

Corporate Partnerships

The Guide Dog Foundation is all about partnerships. We fulfill our mission by creating partnerships between people and guide dogs. That effort is supported and made possible through our other partnerships with individual supporters, organizations and corporations.

We welcome additional corporate partnerships as a means for us to realize financial support and the ability to reach more people about our programs. In turn, a partnership tie-in with the Foundation can help a company achieve some significant business benefits.

Companies support the Guide Dog Foundation through:

  • Foundation Grants
  • Cause-Related Marketing
  • Program Sponsorship
  • Employee Activities

Through a corporate sponsorship program, the Guide Dog Foundation can help companies seeking to:

  • Enhance image with consumers and customers
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility
  • Create product differentiation
  • Generate an emotional connection to consumers and customers
  • Secure and retain valued employees

At the Guide Dog Foundation, our professional staff can work with companies of all sizes in creating a mutually beneficial partnership program through one or more of the following:

Cause Related Marketing: A percentage of sales is contributed to the Foundation. Your company will have the authorized rights to the Foundation’s name and logo. This approach offers the creation of a new, promotional platform offering internal integration capabilities (sales, public relations, employees, etc.) and long-term partnership potential.

Programs Underwriting: Sponsor existing Foundation programs or a portion of our new campus buildings and facilities.

Employee Involvement: An organized program designed to offer employees an opportunity to volunteer to raise funds through special events, matching gifts or payroll deduction programs.

Why Partner with the Guide Dog Foundation?

According to the Cone/Roper Report, a five-year study on cause-related marketing trends, corporate partnerships make good business sense. The report showed:

  • 83% of consumers say they have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about
  • 66% of consumers say that, price and quality being equal, they would switch to a brand or retailer associated with a good cause
  • 87% of employees feel a strong sense of loyalty to their companies with cause programs, vs. 67% of those employed in companies without a cause association
  • 90% of employees whose companies have a cause program feel proud of their companies’ values vs. 56% of those whose employers are not committed to a cause

For more information, contact the Foundation's Development Office at (800) 548-4337 or (631) 930-9000.