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Request an Application 

You can start the guide dog application process online or request a Microsoft Word version of the Application Form in the mail. If at any point in the process you have questions, please call our Consumer Services Department at (866) 282-8047.

Online Application Request Form

The application request contains four sections:

Physical History
Travel Skills
Guide Dog Information

Most of the fields are required. We encourage you to review the form in its entirety before filling it out. This way, you’ll know the type of information we need. All of the required fields must be filled in; if not, the form will not be transmitted properly. If the fields contain inadequate or inappropriate responses, it could delay the processing of the application. A link to the online Request an Application Form appears at the end of this section of information.

Once our Consumer Services Department has received the completed Request an Application Form, we will contact you. In addition, the Guide Dog Foundation requires three personal references, a reference from your Orientation & Mobility instructor, an eye report from your ophthalmologist, and a medical report filled out by your physician. A decision on your application will be made once the Consumer Services Department receives all of these completed forms as well as the references, and after an interview is conducted.

Click here to begin the application request process.

Print a Request Application Form

The Request an Application Form is available as a Word file by e-mailing You can download it, complete it and e-mail it to us, or you can print it out, complete all the fields and mail it to us.

You can provide your information to us in a number of ways:

  • You can complete these forms on your computer and e-mail them to us.
  • You can type or legibly print your information onto the form directly.
  • You can type your responses on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of blank paper.
  • You can type your responses into a Microsoft Word file or text-only file and mail them to us on a CD or flash drive.
  • You can type your responses into a Microsoft Word file or text-only file and e-mail them to us.

Please note that you must sign your name to your application. If you are e-mailing us your information, or if you are sending your application on CD or flash drive, it must be accompanied by a signed verification statement stating:

“I hereby declare that these statements have been truthfully answered to the best of knowledge. I understand that the Guide Dog Foundation may need further information to process my application, and that completing this application places neither the Guide Dog Foundation nor myself under any obligation.”

To request a Word version of the verification statement and the application please e-mail Thank You!