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Access Laws

About this Information

The information on this site about access laws was taken from "Access Laws: A Handbook for Dog Guide Users." The handbook is made available to graduates of recognized dog guide schools in the United States and Canada. Graduates may obtain copies by contacting their schools.

The Seeing Eye was responsible for the editorial costs, but each of the participating schools shared in the cost of the handbook’s printing.

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Important Note (Disclaimer) 

The information included on this web site includes a list of legal rights guaranteed by statute to blind people who use dogs as guides. Most of these specialized statutes also contain additional rights, but because they are not relevant to this particular compilation, they have not been included. In addition, many of the broad human rights statutes created to protect minorities against discrimination may have applicability to the rights of dog guide users.

If legal interpretation is required, if legal action becomes necessary, or to obtain unabridged copies of relevant statutes, contact an attorney.

If you have questions concerning the ADA and service animals, please call the U.S. Department of Justice's ADA Information line, toll-free, at (800) 514-0301.