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Access Laws for Guide Dog Users: U.S. Territories and Bermuda

Puerto Rico
United States Virgin Islands


A permit to bring a dog guide into Bermuda can be obtained by writing to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hamilton, Bermuda. Regulations are as follows: All animals, including household pets entering Bermuda, must be accompanied by: (1) a veterinarian's certificate, attesting freedom from all types of infectious and contagious diseases, and (2) certification that the area within a 50-mile radius from the place where the pet has been kept during the six months prior to its shipment has not been infected with rabies for at least one year prior to its shipment to the islands of Bermuda. Animals (dogs and cats) from countries other than Great Britain must also have a certificate at least one month old and stating that they have been vaccinated against rabies within one year immediately prior to arrival.

This health documentation must be faxed to the Department of Agriculture for approval before it will issue an import permit.

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