Charlie - Back

We've already shown you how Charlie walks with Olivia but we've also been working on having Charlie move backwards in case Olivia takes a few steps back.  Charlie does this behavior on the left and right, as well as in front of Olivia.  The behavior will also be used in the future when Charlie learns how to open and close doors.  Backing up can be daunting for a dog but Charlie's trust in Olivia is evident in his happiness to complete this behavior.  Keep watching for more updates on what Charlie is learning and how he's doing.  

Being comfortable moving in all directions is important for a service dog.  Backing up to adjust to where their handler is in a crowded room keeps a dog safe and out of the way. Moving backwards is also helpful when moving through doorways for a handler that uses a wheelchair.  This basic behavior is also used in more advanced behaviors like opening and closing doors. 

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